Nathan Eisentraut

Piano Teacher • Music Mentor • Collaborative Artist

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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Nathan's Piano Studio

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Located in the neighbourhood of Belgravia in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Lesson Lengths

Lessons are typically 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes but can be tailored to suit.

Lesson Rates

Rates depend on lesson length and frequency. Please contact me for current rates.

Lesson Frequency

One lesson per week is recommended for school-age students, and perhaps adults with no prior private music instruction.

One (usually longer) lesson every two weeks is typically recommended for adults, especially those who have had some lessons before.

Other frequencies are possible too. For young children, sometimes two shorter lessons a week works better.

Trial Lessons

Before committing to a longer plan, we can do up to 4 pay-as-you-go trial lessons. Summer is a great time for trial lessons, but you can start anytime I have space.


To register, students must commit for a specified period of time with a specified number of lessons.

For weekly lessons, typically this is the rest of the school year. A full school year at my studio would be approximately 36 (or more) lessons over the 40 weeks of the regular Edmonton school year (Christmas Break and Spring Break observed). Summer lessons are also available.

For adults with a two-week schedule, typically this is a term. Terms run September through December (8 lessons), January through April (8 lessons) and May through August (flexible number of lessons – it’s summer!).


For weekly lessons, I ask that payment be made in advance, but have options for how far in advance.

For parents paying on behalf of their child, I generally recommend paying as far in advance as is feasible. This way we can both concentrate on better preparing for the lessons so your child can get the most out of them.

Yearly is easy, monthly is the most common, weekly can work too though if the hassle doesn’t bother you and you can do it consistently enough that I can trust it.

For adults with a two-week schedule, I ask for advance payment for a term at a time. This is to help you make it happen.

I can accept cash, cheque, or etransfer.

Schedule Changes

I try to keep rescheduling lessons during the committed time to a minimum and give as much notice as I can if I do need to reschedule one. This is fairly rare, though necessary on occasion. I expect these habits to be reciprocated by my students.

For weekly lessons, there are 4 weeks of leeway built into the year for circumstances where rescheduling the week-of just doesn't turn out to make sense. Unused lessons will not carry over to the summer.

For lessons every two weeks, there may be more flexibility with the extra week between lessons, though any unused lessons will not carry over to the new term.