Nathan Eisentraut

Piano Teacher • Music Mentor • Collaborative Artist

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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

About Nathan

Nathan Eisentraut is an innovative piano teacher and engaging music educator.

With his verve, passion for music, and detailed knowledge of piano practicing, Nathan supports his students as they pursue rewarding musical goals, whatever they may be.

He loves to share and play music with others, and creates an atmosphere where it is safe for both student and teacher to learn something new from each other.

"Nathan is a very gifted teacher who has taught my 3 children. I am awed at how far they have come with their willingness to practice rhythm and the level of playing that they achieved. Nathan teaches them in a way that encourages and uplifts rather than discourages. I was so happy during the first lesson with Nathan when one of my daughters laughed rather than cried as had been our past experiences."

-Angela Haswell


Nathan has played, practiced, and performed music at the piano for 26 years and counting.

He began teaching music at the piano in 2011.

Formal Education

Nathan holds two university degrees: a Bachelor of Music (Classical Piano), and a Bachelor of Science (Civil Engineering) – both from Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario.

He also has an A.R.C.T. in piano performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), and is a member of the Alberta Registered Music Teachers’ Association (R.M.T.).

Musical activities

Nathan continues to expand his musical skills beyond his formal training.

In July 2018, he did some teacher training (Piano Unit 1) in the Suzuki method to gain a better understanding of both it, and by comparison, his own methods.

Over the years, he has played tuba in concert bands, competed on piano in concerto/aria competitions, and sung in choirs.

He enjoys accompanying for students in recitals and exams, and has experience working with choirs for rehearsals and performances.

Nathan loves to explore new ways to practise the piano. Recently he has taken an increased interest in jazz and popular music rhythms and harmonies.

He has also begun composing, so far mostly pedagogical pieces for his students, though his favorite composers – Beethoven, followed closely by Mozart, Bach, and Chopin – remain inspirations for larger works.